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Seniors Shoot for the Stars

by Dalton Lafferty, Technology Manager

The class of 2016 is now in its last year here at Waynesboro High School. Although senior year is the year of lasts, it is also a time to reinvent oneself as life after high school approaches. There are many paths to choose from, ranging from college to the Army to the workforce. As seniors balance all the responsibilities and preparation that comes with facing life after high school, they also have to actually finish their last year of high school. Daniel Brooks says, in agreement with many seniors, “I kind of expected it to go a little slower so I could’ve enjoyed it.”

Brooks describes his last year at Waynesboro as bittersweet, because it is a year of lasts. Aug. 19th was his last first day; this season is his last season of Cross Country. Although faced with a series of lasts, Brooks doesn’t think this year is much different from the previous. In his freshman and sophomore years, he had more free time, but his senior and junior years have been pretty similar to each other in the way of rigor, except with the added pressure of college preparation. The University of Virginia is Brooks’ top choice school. He wishes to study Aerospace Engineering or Foreign Relations. Although Brooks has changed his mind about what he would like to do in the future, he doesn’t see himself switching paths in the coming years. Brooks has decided he is ready to graduate, but isn’t necessarily ready for the real world. However, he is excited to meet people who share similar interests.With that in mind, he does hope to keep in contact with his high school friends. Brooks hopes his life after high school has some flexibility to it. Brooks pushed one of his boundaries this year by running for an officer position in the National Honor Society, something he wouldn’t have imagined himself doing. Although he started pushing his limits, he does wish he took up wrestling, but isn’t too regretful about anything else in his life. Brooks states, “If I had done anything differently I wouldn’t be where I am now, taking these classes with these people, my friends.” He’s accomplished a lot during his high school career, but expects to do even more after he graduates and grows older.

Bethany Bibb, however, knows exactly what she wants to do after graduation. She plans to go straight into the army, and her ship date is June 20th, 2016. Originally, Bibb thought she wanted to go straight to college after graduation to study nursing. She still wants to be a nurse, but would rather go straight into the army after graduation. She wishes she slowed down during high school to take it all in. Like many, Bibb wished she became more involved and wouldn’t have “wished it all away like I have.” Although not entirely confident in her preparedness for the army because she doesn’t know what it will be like, she is “just preparing myself to stay in shape and serve my country.” Bibb agrees that life after graduation will be different, because she won’t be at home, in Virginia, or possibly even the country. “Leaving everyone behind for a total[lly] different life will be hard.”

Senior year can be difficult, but the possibilities after graduation are endless, so you never know where you might end up.

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