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Varsity Boys 4xWon Relay Team Breaks Own Record

By: Grace Dyer

Devante Robinson 11th grade, Steffan Thornton 11th grade, Michael Brown 12th grade, and Carlos Richardson 12th grade, are a force to be reckoned with. They have all been best friends since elementary school and that really shows with their teamwork and the way they lead each other.

The original record for Waynesboro High School was 43.8 seconds and was achieved in 1967. This year it was broken 3 times. First the boys ran 43.71 seconds, then they went on to run 43.53 seconds and after already breaking their own record once they ran 43.50 seconds.

“It’s fun to finish off. But when I get caught, I don’t like it,” said Richardson, who runs the last leg.

Thornton predicted that they would “Place in the top 3” in the State Track meet, and he was right. The boys came in 3rd place. Robinson said that breaking the school record was “amazing and exhilarating.”

These four boys are very proud of everything they accomplished this season. They worked hard and were happy to see it pay off.

“It feels great breaking the school record. People thought we wouldn’t, but we showed them wrong,” said recent WHS graduate Brown.



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