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Waynesboro High’s Giant Pride

By Emily Kratzer, Classroom Manager of


As you look at the packed stands on a  Friday night a particular section of the bleachers is quickly filling up with students, mostly student members of the Pep Club. This year, school spirit has been at an all time high as students have gotten more involved and supportive of their WHS athletes. Between fan buses and prizes at the games, Pep Club has been a key supporter of the students at WHS this year.

“Being able to go to the games with a large group of people, like being with the whole student body, is pretty cool. I like having everyone there,” said Thomas Hines, a senior at WHS.

“It’s so great to see these kids get together and have a fun conversation together on the bus and away at other schools,” said Matt Gordon, senior and Pep Club President.

Besides going to games and supporting students via Twitter, the club was able to join up with the Booster’s Club to get a new stereo system for the big gym. The club was also in charge of organizing spirit days, pep rallies, and the homecoming dance. The Pep Club was even able to take fan buses to at least one game or competition for every sporting event so far this year.

The efforts of the Pep Club have been noticed by the entire school and has even boosted the school spirit throughout Waynesboro. Several local businesses, like Kline’s and Days Inn,  had signs up towards the end of the football season, including words of encouragement like “thanks for making us believe again.”

pep club


“It’s kind of like sometimes kids sit back and wait for a team to do well. I don’t think that happened this year,” said WHS principal Tim Teachey. “Even though their record didn’t show it, you could see they (the varsity football team) were improving. Kids didn’t wait to get excited, the excitement just increased as wins kept happening.”

With the encouragement of the Pep Club,   the WHS Little Giants came together this year to have a huge impact on the school. Student athletes have also responded positively to all the support.

“It feels good seeing people at my games, especially the other night (April 13th) when we got our first win,” said sophomore Zach Washburn, boys varsity soccer team player.

“I love seeing our stands filled with students. It’s almost like you want to play better for them. It makes you want to work harder because you don’t want to let the school down,” said freshman Mackenzie Coburn, varsity girls soccer team player.

Boy’s tennis team senior Seth Wood said, “It’s nice getting recognition and support of the club and school.”

With all their success and growth this year, the pep club has had a difficult time finding new leaders for next year. As of now, three students have been selected to lead the club, juniors Devante Robinson and Burke Bender will lead as presidents, and sophomore Zach Washburn will lead as vice president.

New presidents Devante Robinson and Burke Bender, current president Matt Gordon, and new vice president Zach Washburn.


“You have to be personable because you really have to go out and talk to people. You have to be organized, and you really have to keep a good standing with the school to be president. It’s important to have good connections with faculty and students,” said Gordon. “It’s been great (being president), I love it. I’m really sad to leave next year. I’ve invested a lot of time and money and I don’t want the club to fail.”

There are several benefits and challenges to being the leaders of the club. One significant benefit that Gordon mentioned is that, as a leader, you get to make a difference in the school and have a positive impact on students. A challenged mentioned by Gordon is  that when something does go wrong, the leader is usually held accountable. A challenge mentioned was that when something goes wrong, the leader is held accountable.

Next year’s president, Devante Robinson, thinks he will be a good leader because he likes supporting his fellow classmates and cheering on everyone at sporting events. He has exciting plans including rewarding students throughout the year for showing school spirit.

“I want more participation next year,” said Robinson. “We had a lot this year, but we have over 130 people in the club and only 30 or so coming to games, some of which are on their phones the whole time anyway. I wanna have good themes (for spirit days, football games, ect.)and more students cheering each other on,” said Robinson.

So look out WHS. Next year it’s time to go big, or go home. As a school, let’s continue to make a difference and support all our fellow classmates. Lets keep increasing that Giant Pride!



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