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A Day Without Shoes

By Sara Eldredge

In 2011, TOMS Shoe Company started a fundraiser to raise awareness for children around the world who cannot afford shoes. For this event, they ask people to Instagram a picture of their bare feet. Every time somebody put “#WithoutShoes” between May 5 and May 21, TOMS donated one pair of shoes to a child in need. According to the TOMS website, giving children school uniforms that include shoes can increase school attendance by 62%. As of Thursday, May 21,  they had donated 296,243 pairs of shoes.

This year, Waynesboro High School’s National Honor Society took part in this fight as well.

On Thursday, you may have noticed students at WHS walking around without shoes. Weird, right? On this day, NHS sponsored “A Day Without Shoes” fundraiser right here at WHS. Students gave a dollar to walk around school with no shoes. This allowed students to understand what it felt like to not have shoes while also raising money for a good cause.


“It was eye opening to see what it feels like to not have shoes,” says Natalie Yuhasz, a senior in NHS, “it made me really sympathize with those who don’t.”

The money raised will be donated to TOMS to buy shoes for kids all over the world. Ellie Laliberte, NHS sponsor said the society raised $37, which is almost the cost of one pair of TOMS. Laliberte hopes to raise more in the years to come.

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TOMS fundraising doesn’t end there. Along with donating shoes, TOMS has other fundraisers to raise money for more issues. With each purchase of TOMS eyewear, the company donates money for people who need eye treatment, whether that be eyeglasses or surgery. TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee profits go towards finding access to clean water. TOMS Bags are sold to raise money for safe births. And finally, StandUp Backpacks profits go towards training school staff, teachers, and counselors to “help prevent and respond to instances of bullying.” These fundraisers have made an incredibly large impact on people all around the world.

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