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National World Language Week

By Emily Kratzer, Classroom Manager of

Through the week leading up to spring break, the Foreign Language department has been celebrating National World Language Week. Ms. Sati, the Latin teacher here at WHS, believes that NWLW is very important for high school students to recognize.

“I believe it is very important to recognize the World Language Week,  as a tribute to our diversity as people. We are not isolated, we live in world which is getting smaller, and smaller,more competitive, and we need to understand each other, our cultures, our beliefs and languages. Our students should be ready to relate to those from other cultures. The languages taught at WHS, as ASL, French, Latin and Spanish are all helping us to build bridges, connections with people from respective cultures. Recognizing the World Languages Week we recognize the importance of foreign languages in this community!”

Ms. GM also added, “I believe World Language Week is important because it gives the school an opportunity to recognize and celebrate its cultural diversity. Further, studying another language requires an incredible amount of critical thinking and self discipline while broadening student’s awareness of international geography, news and family life.  I am grateful Waynesboro High School can offer these skills and opportunities to its students and look forward to the future when additional languages are consistently incorporated into the fabric of public education from K to 12.”

On Thursday, March 26th, Ms. Sati’s 1st block had an international food breakfast and show and tell. Students had the opportunity to share poems and songs in different languages including Geman, Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, and Japanese.

Student Winter Jennings- Montgomery sharing her name written in Japanese.

Student Winter Jennings- Montgomery sharing her name written in Japanese.

Ms. Sati and several students posing in their international attire.

Ms. Sati and several students posing in their international attire.

Each year, the Foreign Language Department has a goal. This year the goal was Global Awareness.

“One of the strands for the updated Virginia SOL for World Languages is ‘Interacting in School and Global Communities.’ Students should explore situations in which to use World Languages: skills and cultural knowledge beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational and occupational purposes. This is the 21st century skill that the teachers of the World Language Department here at WHS have chosen to work on with our students this year. Activities during World Language week and also at the World Language Fair (Thursday March 26th is one way that we are doing this,” said Ms. Sherril, French teacher here at WHS.

The whole school has gotten involved for this exciting week. The cafeteria was serving up international dishes Tuesday through Thursday. Students were also invited to dress up on Wednesday. There was also a poster contest for students to participate in.

The World Language fain included posters made by students, different tables of displays and activities, and also international foods to sample.


Ms. Sapp, Angelica Blair, and Ms. Werle


Ms. GM and students setting up posters for the fair.


Emma Bryan and Adara Bacheller setting up a table.


Danna Gallego-Garcia


Noe Garcia-Corona making tortillas.


Noe Garcia-Corona


Students and teachers looking at the Mardi Gras table.


Several students looking through the activities at the fair.

Several students shared why they think taking a Foreign Language is important.

“If you’re ever traveling  in another country you can understand and communicate with those around you,” said Cameron Bennett.

Libby Wainwright mentioned that it could open the door to job opportunities.

Dalton Branch said that National Language Week is important because “students get to experience what other countries are like.”

When asked about why they enjoy taking a Foreign Language, Bert Brumfield said he’s looking forward to achieving the advanced diploma and being able to use Spanish in the future.

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