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Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team of 2015

By Emily Kratzer, Classroom Manager of


Girls soccer season has officially started! The Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team includes:

Seniors: Autumn Fox, Emma Hodge, and Jilly Dudley

Juniors: Emma Hostetter, Anna Fridley, Kayla King, and  Grace Brooks

Sophomores: Kat Johnson, Madison Becker, Maddie Roberts, Rebecca Pereles, Zenash Lunger, and Caitlyn Roberts

Freshman: Annie Berrang, Lauren Kratzer, Hayley Darden, and Mackenzie Coburn


“This season, I feel that although we are a very young team, we have a ton of potential to do well throughout the season. The group of girls we have this year is a very hard working bunch, and as a senior and captain, I am extremely excited to get started. A successful season for me, would be leaving the field after each practice and game knowing that my team has put in 100% effort. I think our overall success will not be defined by the amount of wins and losses we have, but by the amount of pride we out into the game we play.” – Jilly Dudley (12th)



“I think as long as we continue to work hard and put in the effort this season could be a successful one!” – Autumn Fox (12th)


“We are a young team but we have a lot of potential. I believe we have good talent but we need time to come together on the field and the weather so far has made that difficult.” – Madison Becker (10th)



“I’m really looking forward to this season because from what I can tell by just a few practices, everyone is willing to work hard. I think we have some strong upperclassmen who will help the younger players find their roles on the team. And speaking of the younger players, I’m really excited about this year’s freshman class. I think they’re all good players, and I can’t wait to play with them on the field. We should have a good defensive line, with Kat Johnson in the goal. I know that one of Loope’s focus points will be on our team’s defense. We also have some quick strikers up top and technical players in the midfield. But overall, I’m most excited about having a strong defense and a team full of amazing girls. I expect a better season than the one last year. That being said, we are a relatively young team. I’m also hoping that this can be a rebuilding year, and we return much stronger in the subsequent years.” – Rebecca Pereles (10th)


“My expectation for this season is to really work together as a team. I think we have a great team of girls and I hope to really bond as a team and hopefully lead to some wins!” – Grace Brooks (11th)



“Last year we lost six seniors, but this year we have four upcoming, very capable freshmen. Also we are already building great chemistry throughout the team that I believe will transfer into success on the field.” – Kat Johnson (10th)




“I expect us to improve from last year and to really learn to play together as a team.” – Maddie Roberts (10th)



“As a freshman I will work hard and help contribute to the team, and I know that varsity had a rough season last year so I hope that we can come together as a team this season and have some wins.” Annie Berrang (9th)



“I don’t really have any expectations. I love the group of girls I get to play with this season and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only want us to work together as a team and have fun playing the game that we all love. If we put in the work needed and push ourselves and others to be better, we could become a successful team.” – Kayla King (11th)








“As far as expectations I think ultimately we are looking to compete and be competitive in every game. We have a very young squad but also have a lot of players returning from last year that gained a lot of valuable experience. Our conference is extremely competitive and so predicting where we will finish is touch tough to do. I think all of the players would tell you that one goal is just to grow and improve on and off the field throughout the season,” said Coach Loope about his Varsity team.


The girls first scrimmage is this Thursday, March 12th at Brookville. Come out and support the team!

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