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Announcements February 19 – February 25, 2017

Hello Giants! Here’s what is going on at WHS…


  • Congratulations to the following Beta Club students for placing at the State Convention: Eve Lanman – 2nd Place in Photography, Kipp Bowman –  3rd Place in Woodworking, Ellie Brookings – 2nd Place in Division 1 Science, Sean Fridley – 2nd Place in Division 2 Math, Meagan Bergeron – 3rd Place in Division 1 Poetry Writing, Gabrielle Cash – 2nd Place in Division 1 Social Studies. These students have received an invitation to compete on the National level this summer in Savannah, Georgia. 
  • Congratulations to Destiny Lam for her 2nd place finish in prose interpretation and to Joe Kearney and Spencer Herron for their 4th place finish in humorous duo at the regional forensics meet. Good luck on Saturday at Super Regionals!
  • Black History Month Fact of the day:
  • If you are a student who struggles when your teacher asks for works cited, make sure you come to the Honor Council’s Citation Workshop on February 21 after school. We’ll be in Room 241. You can learn to properly cite your sources, AND we’ll have snacks and beverages. Ask your teachers if they will give extra credit for attendance. Everyone is welcome!


  • Outdoor Track and Field will begin on Tuesday, Feb. 20th.  We will meet on the track at 3:30 pm (in the small gym if there is inclement weather). Must have current physical to participate.
  • There will be an important Key Club meeting on Tuesday February 20 in Mrs. Sati’s room, 330. Please plant to attend. Thanks!
  • The LAST Ski and Snowboard trip of the season is Thursday, Feb 22! 
  • There will be a mandatory meeting for all members of Interact on Wednesday, February 21st at 3:30 in room 147!
  • The Beta Club is collecting canned and boxed food for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank during the month of February.  Please bring all donations to Mrs. Spence in room 207.


  • Students applying to Governor’s School will take a Science assessment on Wed., Feb. 21 during 4th block.   Report to room 213A at 1:45.
  • If you are interested in pursuing a health care profession,  VCU is having a Health Sciences Program on their campus February 20th from 6:30 – 8:00.  Check out the Counseling Department website under Other Opportunities or see your counselor.
  • For Seniors planning on attending BRCC:  Please complete your Placement Tests before Spring Break in order to take advantage of the Early Registration Day on April 5 at 1:30 PM here at Waynesboro.  Several test times have been added here at WHS for your convenience.  Please sign up in the Counseling Office or see Mrs. Wood.
  • Juniors & Seniors: The UVA Apprenticeship Program will be here on campus on Tuesday, Feburary 27 at 2:15 PM in the library to talk about their exceptional opportunities. 11th or 12th graders interested in pursuing a trade in carpentry, electrical, HVAC, masonry or plumbing after graduation are invited to attend.  VCTC Afternoon students who are interested should come straight from the bus.
  • Seniors:  There are lots of scholarships you can apply for and deadlines are fast approaching.  Check for the online links or come down to the Counseling Office for info.
  • Juniors planning to attend a four year college after graduation should take the SAT or ACT this spring.  Deadlines for regular registration are April 6 for SAT and March 9 for ACT.
  • The deadline to submit applications for Governor’s School is Feb. 20th, 2018.


  • Varsity softball tryouts will start February 19 at 4:00. The tryouts will be at Kate Collins on the softball field.
  • Girls Varsity and JV soccer tryouts will be held February 19th – 23rd at KCMS from 3:45-5:15. Please be sure you have your sports physical before tryouts.
  • Congratulations to the WHS Wrestling team! Kerry Showalter. Dylan Kahn, and Blake Durrett all three battled their way through the post season. All three wrestlers are “All-District”, “All-Region”, and now have the chance to be “All State” this coming weekend. Good luck Little Giants!
Monday, February 19, 2018
  7:30pm Basketball: Boys Varsity Region C Tournament

vs. Spotswood


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The life of Amber Law

By: Hannah Lam

104_0016Photo by: Hannah Lam

Amber Law is a junior with a big heart for children. As her future career, she hopes to take that love for children and put it to use by doing something in the childcare field. She is more interested in working with infants and toddlers because she finds older kids are more stressful. To make that career path happen, Amber hopes to attend Valley Vo-Tech next year to take a class in childcare. Amber knows she loves kids because she babysits her cousins who range in ages from 5 to 12. Her 11 year old cousin, Ariana, drives her to be better because of the connection and bond they share. Amber never grows tired of spending time with Ariana, they could spend hours together talking and having fun. No matter what happens between them they will always share a special bond. One of the most important people that Amber has love for is her grandad. She says he was always the type of person to be happy even when circumstances made it difficult. “My grandad always had that attitude that people wanted to be around,” said Amber. “Even after the cancer hit, he was still that person. After his death, everyone felt the loss more emotionally because the sense of his happy was gone.”  Amber is a bright, young, and caring person who is ready for challenges to take on.  

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Serenity talks about her life

By: Shauna Wilson


Serenity Stacy Photo by: Shauna Wilson

Serenity Stacy, a Journalism 1 student, is in 9th grade at Waynesboro High School. She has, 2 younger brothers and 1 older half sister. When she’s with her family, Serenity enjoys having family time to go out to eat, have good conversations, and play board games. Growing up in a large family, Serenity enjoyed being able to do something bad and blame it on her older sister. She looks up to her dad and her dad’s girlfriend. “Even though I can be a brat, they never gave up on us even though they were going through tough times,” said Serenity. She uses her weird, random, sense of humor to make her friends happy when they’re down or sad. Serenity is proud of being able to get through hard times by putting a smile on her face even though she’s dealing with something difficult in her life. Serenity is involved with JV basketball and softball for WHS. She enjoys letting out all her anger when she’s playing, traveling around, competing, and making new friends that enjoy the same sports. As an athlete and a student, Serenity has set goals for herself. Serenity wants to either attend Louisiana State University or James Madison University for softball or James Madison University, University of Connecticut or the University of Virginia for basketball.

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Shauna opens up about her life and feelings

By: Serenity Stacy

Picture 020

Shauna Wilson Photo by: Serenity Stacy

Shauna Wilson is a 9th grader from State College, Pennsylvania, who moved to Waynesboro,Virginia when she was three.She has one brother named Joseph. They have a good bond, but he likes to attack her. Having whole family dinners is her favorite thing to do with her family. Shauna would like to pursue a career as a teacher because she wants to work in a elementary school. “I really like working with kids and they make me feel loved,” said Shauna. To reach her goal, Shauna wants to attend either James Madison University because it’s close to home, or Penn State because she loves Pennsylvania. To Shauna the most stressful thing about school is having a lot of work to do in a short period of time. She looks up to her grandma because she doesn’t let anything get to her and she has always been in her life. Very weird, kinda smart, outgoing, loud, annoying, and scared very easily is how Shauna thinks her friends think of her. In her free time she blast music, hangs out with her friends, and sings at the top of her lungs. After high school she wants to go to college, become a teacher,start a family and get a English bulldog. At her age now she wants to travel to North Carolina or West Virginia because one of her friends cousin named Connor and lots of family live there.




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The life of Hannah Lam

By: Amber Law


Copy of Copy of 104_0018 (1)

Hannah Lam Photo by: Amber

Hannah Lam, a sophomore at WHS, has a bad case of social anxiety. She is hoping that journalism will help with that. Hannah’s dad is her biggest inspiration, and he used to tell her that she could do anything she set her mind to. Hannah also has her future in mind but is indecisive about what she wants to do. In the future she hopes to have at least one kid and a stable job so she can provide for her family.  Hannah hopes to accomplish many things in life and would like her best friend, Lorene, to be there during all of them. Lorene gives her a sense of hope in a way that no one else can. Lorene has always been there for Hannah and she knows Lorene will always be there for no matter what. Hannah also wouldn’t mind living with Lorene since they share a very special bond.  Someday, Hannah would love to go to college for teaching. She is very passionate about kids. “My teachers used to tell me when I went to Wenonah Elementary to mentor kids that my face would light up whenever I talked about them. They mean everything to me,” Hannah said. Hannah’s future career goal would be to become a successful person. She feels that she can drive herself to be a successful person because she knows how to boost herself into doing what needs to be done.

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An insight into the life of Alexis Schifflett


Photo by: Jaqueline Dietz

By: Jaqueline Dietz


Alexis Schifflett is a sophmore at Waynesboro High School. Lexi likes  journalism class because she is learning a lot and she is having fun. Before living in Waynesboro, she lived in Charlottesville and Crozet. After Graduation in 2020, Lexi wants to attend school in Harrisonburg to become a beautician. To prepare for her career, Lexi is planning to take classes and do an internship. She already has gained some experience in cosmetology by doing her family’s hair for specific events. Lexi also has work experience helping her mother serve food and as a member of Interact Club at WHS. In her free time she likes to watch drama movies and like to listen to RnB music. She also likes to play basketball, her position is shooting guard.But she hasn’t played on a team since 2016. Her favorite school subject is mathematics and she learns the best when teachers talk to her directly. She wants to go to California  and  Greece on a vacation because it’s so beautiful there. “After graduation, I would like to move to Richmond because it’s a bigger place than Waynesboro.” ,said Lexi.

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Little Giants Vs. Blue Streaks

Photos by :Millineum White

IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0800 IMG_0808 IMG_0815 IMG_0824 IMG_0831 IMG_0835 IMG_0841 IMG_0861

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Broadway puts up a fight against the Giants


De’tajh Smith #30 Photo by : Millineum White


#21 on broadways jv basketball team shoots a 1-1 free throw Ameil Barbour #30 Boxes out #21


#30 Ameil Barbour blocks overhead pass


JV team gives varsity a warm welcome to the court

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January 11,Girls Varsity basketball against Lee

Waynesboro Girls JV won 51 to 31.

Waynesboro Girls Varsity won 42 to 36.


Madison Payne guards #10 and tried to take ball

Madison Payne guards #10 and tries to take the ball. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


Picture 004 (1)

Kalia Bolden and Kathryn Potts walk into the locker room at the half with a 22-21 lead. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


Picture 002 (1)

Giants steal the ball and pass to Madison Payne, who then shoots a jumper. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


Picture 008 (1)

De’nia Jones guards #2 for the Staunton Leeman.  Photo By: Serenity Stacy



Picture 006 (1)

Logan O’Neill works to get the rebound. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


Picture 009 (1)

De’nia Jones throws ball in with a 1:30 left in the game. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


Picture 010 (1)

Giants line up and shake hands after a 42-36 victory over the Leeman. Photo by: Serenity Stacy


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January 9th, JV/Varsity Girls Basketball Game Against Fort

Varsity Score: Waynesboro Loses 41 to 42

January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 009

Waynesboro up 9 to 8 after the first period and coach talks about game plan for the next period. Photo by Serenity Stacy


January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 010

Cierra Bruce tries to take ball away from #2 opponent.


January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 008

Kalia tries to get ball back from opponent. Photo By: Serenity Stacy

January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 004

Madison Payne shoots jump shot and makes it/ Photo By: Serenity Stacy

January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 006

Fort shoots free throw and Sydney Sutton catches rebound. Photo By: Serenity Stacy

January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 002

Varsity girls line up for the Star Spangled Banner. Photo By: Serenity Stacy

January 9th Girls Basketball game against Fort 001

JV girls discuss their game plan. Photo By: Serenity Stacy


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