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Going back in time with Lisa Garcia

by; Jacob Bell

Lisa Garcia, a Spanish teacher at Waynesboro High School, originally taught English in Spain. Garcia has been teaching for a little over 30 years now and loves it. Garcia is very passionate about her job as a Spanish teacher and wants all of her students to succeed. Before teaching, Garcia attended Roanoke College where she double majored in Sociology and Spanish.  

This is Garcia and a group of friends. Garcia is the one in the white dress on the right side.
photo provided by: Lisa Garcia

Q: Do you teach any other subjects?

A: “I teach Spanish”

Q: What’s your favorite Broadway show that you have ever watched?

A: Rock of Ages, “Rock of Ages is my favorite Broadway musical because it’s fun and has lots of great ’80s songs.  Seeing this show so many times has given me lots of good friends, too. I’ve know some of them for almost 10 years now.”

Q: What music was popular while you were in high school?

A: James Taylor, Carly Simon. (James Taylor is an American singer-songwriter) (Carly Simon is an american singer-songwriter, musician, and a children’s author)  

Q: What was your favorite childhood snack?

A: “my favorite childhood snack was my  grandmothers homemade doughnuts because they were always fresh, warm and sweet and of course, made with love”

Q: What was your favorite sport while in high school?

A: tennis, “My friends and I started playing tennis after seeing Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs on TV.  We had intramural tennis at Kate Collins but I never played on a team in high school. I continued to play until my 30s and still enjoy watching it on TV.”

Q: What was your first job in high school?

A: “While I was in high school I could only work in the summer and I worked as a waitress and got paid $1.25 an hour” “ I was a waitress at the coffee shop/ diner that used to be inside Roses’ Department Store many years ago.”

Q: What was your favorite high school memory?

A: “My favorite high school memory was concert choir”

Q: What was your favorite vacation that you took while in high school?

A: “My favorite vacation in high school was our Concert Choir trip to NYC. I’d never been there before and I got to go with friends.  We did perform at a church service in Manhattan but we had time to do some other things, too. I was able to see some team tennis matches at Madison Square Garden (and yes, Billie Jean King was there playing) and I saw my first Broadway musical “The King and I” starring Yul Brynner.”

Q: What was your favorite local restaurant?   

A: “When I was in high school everyone used to hang out at McDonald’s”

Q: What did you do in your free time?

A:  “I had chores everyday after school, I listened to music, and played tennis”

Q: What was your favorite class in school?

A: “My favorite class was either History or Spanish” “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved reading about other people and places in the world. History and geography have been an interest of mine.  Spanish just added to my enjoyment of history and culture.”

Q: While you were in high school, what did you think you wanted to be when you got older?

A: “ I knew I wanted to live in a foreign country”

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Throwing it back with Mrs. Bowen

By: Jackson Sherman

Aislinn Bowen attended Eastern Mennonite university, where she played softball and graduated with her Bachelors degree. Then started teaching at Waynesboro High School the year she graduated from EMU. Bowen has been teaching Health/ Physical Education at WHS for three years and loves the career.

Who were the famous celebrities? Athletes?

Sports athletes were the big celebrities such as, A-rod (Alex Rodriguez), Derek Jeter, and Kobe Bryant.

What fashion trends were popular? Accessories and clothing?

Scrunches on your wrist and New Balance clogs were popular. “ Basically all of the trends that are in right now, were in back in my high school days,” said Bowen.

Favorite clothing brands?

“Everybody wore American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Hollister Mostly all of those brands are in style now,” said Bowen

What music was popular? (look up top 10 songs on web)

Popular music artists were drake and pitbull and their popular songs were: “You the best” by Drake and “Don’t stop the party” by Pitbull, both in the hip hop genre.

Favorite high school memory?

“Meeting my husband was my best memory of high school.”

What did you do in your free time? Work? Sports? Hobbies?

Bowen played basketball and softball throughout high school.

What was your first vehicle? And how old were you when you got it?

“ It was a 2004 Toyota Camry that I still have and use now, so I took pretty good care of it,” said Bowen. She went on to say that she got her car when she was 16 years old.

Favorite TV show?

“As a kid, I remember always watching Animal Planet and ‘Teen Mom’ which had came out when I was a senior, at the time it was called ’16 and Pregnant’,” said Bowen.

Favorite food? Favorite childhood snack? Favorite local restaurant?

“I had to ask my mom what I liked to eat because I don’t even remember, but apparently I liked carrots and ranch, and peanut butter and apples.”

Favorite local hangout?

Mostly sporting events and Armstrongs Restaurant.

Favorite class at school? What was your worst subject in school?

Home Ec – cooking and sewing. Bowen said, “sewing was what I liked to do in high school, especially in home Ec.

What was the BIG EVENT at your high school?

Prom and sporting events – districts, regionals, states. “Our high school was really good in sports at the time, and we always had a sport going to championships.”

Favorite vacation or trip you took? Theme park and/or carnival ride?

“ My grandparents owned a carnival that they took all over the state, so I could go and ride for free and so could all of my friends” Said Bowen.

Best field trip? Where did you go? What did you do there?

“The best trip I took in high school was probably to Texas with my boyfriend my senior year. We visited his family, went to the zoo and ate some pretty good food,” said Bowen.

Were you popular in high school? What clique or social group were you in? (geek, nerd, jock, preppy, band kid, goth)

“I didn’t really like to say I was popular, but all my friends said I was and I hung out with everybody really,” said Bowen.

What was the sneakiest thing you and your friends ever did?

“One night my softball teammates and I TP’d our coach’s house,” said Bowen.

Most embarrassing moment in high school?

“I walked into the men’s baseball locker room as a freshman in college,” Bowen said.

What was your first job? In high school or right after?

“I worked at the Wilson Elementary playground over the summer for every year up until summer 2017,” said Bowen.

Why did you want to go to EMU College?

“I wanted to go to EMU because they recruited me to play softball, and all my friends from softball were going,” said Bowen.

Mrs. Bowen and her now Husband at Senior Prom.
Mrs. Bowen and her powder puff squad, Junior year.
Mrs. Bowen and her family after High School graduation.

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Throwback with Tammy Zirkle

By: Jadyn Wood.

Tammy Zirkle is a math teacher at Waynesboro High School. She teaches algebra. She graduated in 1982. She then went on to college at Longwood where she earned her bachelors of  Mathematics with a concentration in Education and Computers. She has worked with kids and loved working with kids ever since she was in school. Zirkle was very different in a good way from other kids in school.

Q: What music was popular?

A: “The Beach Boys and the Eagles were really big when I was in high school.”

Q: What was your favorite high school memory?

A: “Band, I was color guard. I didn’t have the patience to play an instrument.”

Q: What did you do just for fun?

A: Rode bikes, babysitting. “I loved babysitting, loved having kids around and doing things with them.”

Q: Were you popular in high school and what social group were you in?

A: “I wouldn’t say I was popular, but I was friends with everyone.”

Q: Most embarrassing moment in high school?

A: Zirkle went to a band competition and when she got at the edge of the stage she passed out because she was nervous and hyperventilating.

Q: When you were in high school, what did you want to be?

A: “An elementary school teacher because I loved little kids and I was good with them.”

Q:Who were the big celebrities or athletes?

A: Ralph Sampson, a retired basketball player. Also Dolly Parton. Zirkle admired Dolly Parton a country singer best known for “Jolene”.

Q: What were your favorite shows to watch?

A: “I didn’t watch much TV, but I liked ‘Sanford and sons’ and ‘Cagney and Lacey’. According to IMDb Cagney and Lacey is a old show about two women police officers,the ladies have to combat sexism in the male-dominated workplace.

Q: What was your first car? When was it purchased?

A: “My first car was a Ford Focus and it was purchased when I was 22.  I had just graduated from college.”

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Throwing it back to Kristin Trovers high school life

Throwing it back to Kristin Trovers high school life

By: Abby Sikora

Trover in 2019 Photo by Abby Sikora
Trover’s high school prom in 1998
Photo by Abby Sikora

Kristin Trover has been teaching Biology, Honors Biology, and Ecology at Waynesboro High School for 6 years. After teaching her younger siblings some of the things she had been learning in college, Trover realized she really enjoyed the role of being a teacher. Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, Trover’s high school life was a different, but nonetheless a fun experience.

Q- When you were in high school, what fashion trends were popular?

A- “When I was in high school everybody had bangs, these huge,fluffy, teased out, hairsprayed, and I did too and I don’t know why!” Trover also went on to say that wearing your socks on the outside of your pants was another “pretty awful” trend she encountered.

Q- What slang or catch phrases were popular?

A- “I know I use to say ‘Your mom’ a lot to like everything, but I’m not sure if that was popular or not.”

Q- What was your favorite high school memory?

A- “I actually went to high school in a really small town with not much to do, but I had a really close group of friends and we would just kinda hang out.” She went on to explain how one of the main things to do was to drive on the one main road with one of her friends mixtape and just have fun.

Q- What did you do in your free time?

A- “I did swimming, I did piano, and since it was a small town, I would have to drive 60 miles just to go to piano lessons, so that was a big time commitment.” Trover explained how she also worked as a waitress for a while and admits that she wasn’t very good at it. She additionally enjoyed participating in band and choir.

Q- What was your first vehicle? How old were you when you got it?

A- “So I was 16, and my parents gave me the family van. But the worst part about that was that I kinda wrecked the door, the driver’s side door. It’s a long story, but I left it open and the car backed up and hit a basketball pole and fell off.” Trover explains how her dad found a new door at a scrap yard, but the door was pretty useless because it still didn’t open. So to get out her car, Trover had to climb out through the passengers side, which was pretty embarrassing.

Q- What was your favorite TV show?

A- “So I use to kinda sneak watch Beverly Hills 90210, and I would watch the X-Files and freak myself out because it was kinda scary.”

Q- What was your favorite class at school? What was your worst subject in school?

A- “I was kinda a nerd, so I liked my AP English and my AP US History because I found the subjects really interesting.” Trover said she didn’t take many science classes because she wasn’t as interested in it at the time. “Probably the class I struggled with was calculus because I kinda like didn’t have to try or whatever all through high school and then I got to a class where I was like ‘Oh! I need to do my homework!’”

Q- What was your favorite sport?

A- “I would say swimming, and would swim anything that didn’t include butterfly. My coach always wanted me to lift weights and would tell me I have so much potential, but I just wasn’t that competitive.”

Q- Best field trip? Where did you go?

A- “I can’t really think of a field trip we took, because nothing was close by, we went to a band competition one time, so that was okay.”

Q- Were you popular in high school? What clique or social group were you in?

A- “I did have a really close group of friends, some of which I’m still friends with today, but I wouldn’t say we were popular.” Trover explained that she was a more nerdy person but was happy with her group of friends.

Q- What was the sneakiest thing you and your friends ever did?

A- “We did sneak out of the house a couple times, but I was a pretty good kid, so we would just go to 7-eleven and buy junk food, or go to the park, or go toilet paper someone’s house. But really just end up making bows out of the toilet paper and putting them in their trees.” Trover admits that they didn’t really do anything too bad.

Q- Most embarrassing moment in high school?

A- “I was kinda shy, so I got pretty embarrassed just talking in front of people.” When she was younger, Trover was running around the neighborhood and tried to climb someones fence and ended up ripping her pants. “I had that moment of panic where I was like ‘what are you gonna do!’”

Q- While you were in high school, what did you think you wanted to be when you got older?

A- “I thought I would be a writer or lawyer or something like that, but it wasn’t until college where I really got interested in science and teaching.” Trover said she actually ended up going to college for 5 years because she didn’t know what path she wanted to take. “Eventually I was like ‘Oh my scholarship only lasts 4 years, I should probably graduate now.’”

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Announcements April 22-28, 2019

What’s going on at WHS this week:


  • Sweet Day Cafe will be open Friday April 26th!!! Last one for this school year!!!
  • Next week is prom spirit week. Show some school spirit, and have some fun as we near the end of the year.
    • April 29th-Meme/Character Day
    • April 30th-Twin Day
    • May 1st- Decision/jersey Day- Wear your favorite college gear, something representing your future career plans, or support your favorite team
    • May 2nd-Throwback Day
    • May 3rd- Purple Senior Spirit Day
  • Prom tickets are on sale during all lunches until May 2nd! Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork signed and completed otherwise you nor your date will be unable to purchase tickets.
  • Congratulations to the following students who obtained excellent distinctions on this year’s National Latin Exam taken in March. The students were joined by over 139,000 others from all 50 states and District of Columbia, as well as 20 foreign countries including Australia, Belize, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.
  • Gold – Summa cum Laude: Johnson Evan, Trista Le, Jessica Zelaya Bonilla
  • Silver – Maxima cum Laude: Meagan Bergeron, Kylynn Diggs, Emily Hamp, Mason Lawhorne, Riley Hamp-  she also got her BILITERACY seal!
  • Bronze – Magna cum Laude: Katelyn Sizemore, Samuel Whitcomb, Wyatt Cash, Madeline Barber, Luke Young
  • Cum Laude: David Valles Casillas, Tara Hansley, June Johnson, Eva Shuler,
  • Breya Smith


  • Graduating seniors should plan to attend the WHS Job Fair on May 2nd from 1:30 – 3:30 in the library. Local companies will talk with you about open positions and might even hire you on the spot! Dress to impress and be ready to shake hands and make important connections with local businesses. See Mrs. Wood for more info.
  • You can decorate your graduation caps this year. Design proposals must be turned in by April 30th, no exceptions. Stop by the senior table outside the main office for details.


  • No announcements today


  • Seniors who have received outside scholarships and would like these announced at the Senior Ceremony, notify the Counseling Office by May 10.
  • Students interested in taking a summer course through Virtual Virginia, please see your counselor. 


  • Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Track team for their 2nd place finish out of 8 teams at their home meet last night, April 24th.  The following boys placed 1st in their events: Michael Smith – Discus, Jameris Hoffman- long jump and triple jump, Curtis Roberts – High Jump

Weekly Sports Calendar

Thursday, April 25, 2019

No games scheduled at this time.

Friday, April 26, 2019
TBDOutdoor Track: Girls Varsity Invitationalvs. Riverheads  @ Riverheads High School
TBDOutdoor Track: Boys Varsity Invitationalvs. Riverheads  @ Riverheads High School
4:30pmTennis: Girls Varsity Game

vs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
4:30pmTennis: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Broadway  @ Waynesboro High School
5:30pmBaseball: Varsity Gamevs. Broadway  @ Waynesboro High School
5:30pmSoccer: Boys JV Gamevs. Broadway  @ Waynesboro High School
5:30pmSoftball: Varsity Gamevs. Broadway  @ Waynesboro High School
5:30pmSoftball: JV Game

vs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
6:00pmBaseball: JV Game

vs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
6:00pmSoccer: Girls JV Gamevs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
7:15pmSoccer: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Broadway  @ Waynesboro High School
7:45pmSoccer: Girls Varsity Game

vs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
Saturday, April 27, 2019

No games scheduled at this time.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

No games scheduled at this time.

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The 90's With Catherine Karp

The 90’s With Catherine Karp

By: Peyton McNorton

Catherine Karp is an Algebra and Probability & Statistics teacher at Waynesboro High School from Pau, France. Karp has been working with Waynesboro Public Schools for three years. During her time at WHS, Karp has also taught Geometry, AFADA, and Algebra Foundations. Karp graduated high school in 1990 and she earned her bachelor’s degree in Pau, France. After moving to the U.S., Karp went to graduate school at University Of Miami for her Master’s degree. Both of her degrees are in mathematics. Karp’s family consists of her husband, two teenage boys, and a dog.

Q: What was your favorite type of fashion clothing you wore that was trending?

A: “Levi Jeans were big time in France.”

Q: What was your first concert you went to?

A: “My first concert was called Noir Desir and they played rock music.”

Q: What was your favorite high school memory?

A: “So in France, you have a two hour lunch break. So my best memory was lunch time, because you were allowed to leave school and my high school was located in the city. My friends and I would just walk into this big park or just walked around the city. That was the best part of high school for me, so I can have some independence and have some freedom like this, because the school day was so long and after school we had no time for anything.”

Q: What did you do in your free time? Work? Sports? Hobbies?

A: “I did a lot of skiing, because I grew up around big mountains. I also loved getting together with my friends and I love to read as well. But skiing can take a lot of my time, because I used to do competition skiing.”

Q: What was your favorite TV show you watched in high school?

A: “The old version of Hawaii Five-O. Anything that came from the U.S. was pretty big in France.”

Q: What type of social group were you part of in high school?

A: “I was a considered a nerd. In France, you had to pick a major, so my major was math and physics. So all of the nerdy kids were considered to go into that major because we did a lot of math and physics which was the harder subjects. But I couldn’t care less. I always loved math and still do, but I don’t like physics.”

Q: What was the sneakiest thing you and your friends did?

A: “I used to love to ski. So, in senior year in high school, you had this huge exam to graduate, so you get tested in every subject over the last three years and it was a big deal in France. In April, there was a big snowstorm and so I asked my parents if I could go ski and both of them didn’t allow me to go because they wanted me to study for my exams. Both of my parents were teachers, so they were strict. So I asked my friend if I could sleepover at her house and I told my parents that my friend and I were gonna go study. But I actually did ski instead of studying. But I crashed really hard and I had to end up in the hospital. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

Q: What was the most embarrassing moment in high school?

A: “I’m the youngest of three daughters and so my older sister messed up in high school big time. So when my sister and I had to go to school, we would have to go where our father taught. My father’s friend was my physics teacher and one day, I got a bad grade in that class and so my teacher said, ‘your father was gonna be very upset with you’ in front of the whole class. To me, it was very embarrassing, because who wants to be pointed out like this. So everybody knew I had a bad grade in that class.”

Q: What was your first job in high school?

A: “You’re not allowed to work as a student in France. You were only allowed to work over the summer and you had to do farm work over the summer. Like you pick corn by hand or you cut grapes to make wine, and this is all done by hand because the farms were much smaller.”

Q: What was your favorite sport you watched or participated in?

A: “So I did of a lot of skiing outside of school and did competition ski. My Dad was a huge soccer fan, so my Dad always brought me to all of the soccer games. So that was probably the most watched sport and soccer is huge in France.”   

                            Karp writes out a math equation for her algebra class.

                                               Photo by: Peyton McNorton

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Jacob Bell press pass

Jacob’s athletic and academic life.

By: Jackson Sherman

Jacob is styling with his fashion clothing.

Jacob Bell is a Mid-field soccer athlete and is good at what he does. He has been playing soccer his whole life and loves everything about it. Jacob played summer soccer last year and looks forward to going out for the Waynesboro High School JV soccer team this year.“I want to be the best that I can be at the sport and hopefully advance to the next level, said Jacob.” His positive attitude and commitment does not stop at soccer. Jacob goes above and beyond in the community and in the classroom. He has done positive things for his community such as, mow people’s yards and shows other kids how to be outgoing and participate in new activities. He strives to get good grades and he really wants to go to a good college such as, UVA or JMU. Jacob would like to become a lawyer. Jacob is also really passionate about video games. He enjoys playing Fortnite and Cod in his free time. He said it is his go-to thing to do with his free-time. Another unique thing about Jacob is that he loves fashion clothing. He likes the brands Nike, Champion, Supreme, Off white, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. Jacob says he is proud to be where he is and, is grateful for everybody who is there for him.

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Picture Credit: Kaelyn Strack

About Peyton McNorton

By: Jadyn Wood.

Peyton McNorton, is a freshman that loves many things and wants a grat career in her future. If Peyton could go anywhere in the world she would want to go somewhere in Europe, because she’s never been there. She would like to go there but she is still considering moving there after she graduates and gets her college diploma .When peyton graduates from WHS, she wants to be a therapist that works with people because “I have struggled with lots of things and i’d like to help people overcome what they think they can’t.” To pursue the required college degree, she would like to go to Blue Ridge community college and transfer to James Madison University or Kentucky State. When she graduates college, Peyton sees herself getting a job, maybe being married and having kids with the love of her life.  Peyton enjoys swimming and playing Candy Crush on her free time because “it passes time and it’s stress free,” says Peyton. One of her favorite memories is every Christmas she would go to her grandpa’s to see all her family. It’s her favorite memory because everyone was happy, and she got to catch up with all her favorite loud aunts, and eat lots of yummy food. Her best friend is Kaelyn Strack because “she’s always been there even when there was a rough patch in our relationship.” Also, “they always hang out together and have too much fun.” Peyton’s favorite food is pasta because she’s part Italian and she loves the different types of delicious pastas. Funny, shy, and pretty are the three words Peyton uses to describe herself.

Peyton McNorton enjoying herself with her best friend at a home football game.
Photo by: Kaelyn Strack.

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The Life Of Kamren Hale

By: Abby Sikora

Kamren Hale
Photo by Jackson Sherman

Kamren Hale batting at a Waynesboro High School baseball game
Photo By Skyler Puckett

Hitting, sliding, and tackling are just three things Kamren Hale is obsessed with. The athletic 10th grader does many sports like baseball, football, and wrestling. “I think my favorite would have to be baseball,” he says. He started at the age of 3 and has now been playing for 13 years. On the pitch, his uniform number is 1 which he says is because that’s the hour of which he was born. He is hoping to play baseball for the Varsity Waynesboro High School team this spring. When not playing a sport, Kamren likes to try new things and set goals, which is one of the main reasons he is trying Journalism 1 this year. He is not sure what he wants to do with journalism in the future, but the class interested him so he “just went for it.” He enjoys drawing and took an art class for two years and wants to take more. He has maintained good grades throughout high school, which has helped him achieve honor roll. With 5 sisters and 3 brothers, Kamren admits he has quite a busy family life, but he is also close with many of them. He says his mom is the most important person in his life because she is always there for him when he is down. Kamren says it is also important to him is to “live every day like your last because you never know if there will be a tomorrow.” As for his future, Kamren dreams that he will be able to go to Oregon for baseball and eventually go pro.

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IMG_9573 (1)

Jaydn Joins Journalism

By Peyton McNorton

Jaydn Wood is a freshman at WHS taking Journalism 1. She decided to enroll in Journalism because she likes to write. In her free time, Wood likes to draw and write poems. “I enjoy writing poems because it’s the best way to get my thoughts out of my head,” said Jaydn. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Fiji because she thinks it’s a pretty place to go to. Jaydn describes herself as funny, unique, and loud. Her plan after high school is to attend New York University to become a cosmetologist because Wood likes to design her own nails and design other people’s nails. She is excited to be a staff member for journalism class this year.

Jaydn takes a picture for her staff bio
Photo by: Jaydn Wood

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