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is produced by the journalism classes at Waynesboro High School. GiantWord will attempt to inform, influence, and entertain the Waynesboro High School community in a broad, accurate, and objective manner. GiantWord welcomes comments on any topic of concern to the WHS community. All materials are subject to editing for libel, obscenity, poor taste, grammar, style, and space.

GiantWord Staff Members:


Lucy Paiste (11) Editor and Chief

Lucy Paiste (11)
Editor and Chief

      Lucy Paiste, the Giantword.com Editor in Chief, can always be seen with a smile on her face. Outside of school, Lucy is involved in National Honor Society, passport club, Sports Medicine club, and athletic training. Additionally, She holds down jobs at Plaza Azteca and Veritas Vineyards. Paiste also loves to travel; this past summer she and her family went to Italy. In the next five to ten years, Paiste sees herself attending the college of William and Mary because she loves the history of Williamsburg and the close-knit feel of the college. Her favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends, playing tennis, and skiing. During her Junior year of high school, Paiste hopes to make great memories with her friends and overcome the challenges junior year brings such as rigorous classes, Governor’s School, and beginning the college search. Paiste’s hopes for Giantword.com this year are to see the website expand and become more useful to students. She thinks journalism helps her become a more creative person and really helps her know what is going on in WHS.

By: Avery Paiste



Lauren Peyton (12)

Lauren Peyton (12)

             Lauren Peyton is a senior at Waynesboro High School, and she is from Charlottesville, Virginia. She is a member of the Pep Club and Lyrical Ladies. She plans to attend Coastal Carolina University next fall to study Psychology.  Peyton’s most avid memory from her junior year is the week leading up the first playoff football game. She said “It was great the students, faculty, and administration came together leading up to the game. Once, Friday came school spirit skyrocketed, fan buses were being loaded, and local businesses advertised their support for the team.”  Her favorite subjects are history and english, with her favorite teacher being Mrs. Hellerman. In her free time she likes to watch football, her favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Virginia Cavaliers. If she could travel anywhere in the world she would travel to Fiji.

By: Kelley Conley


Dalton Lafferty (12)

           Dalton Lafferty is a senior at WHS, and currently attending Governor’s School for his second year. He’s also a member of National Honor’s Society. After being the secretary of NHS last year, he hopes to become the president of the club for his final year of high school. Lafferty is taking his second year of journalism because he finds journalism interesting within itself. After graduation, Lafferty plans on pursuing his dream career as a chef by attending Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC. He has already attended a camp there, and Johnson and Wales is his top pick for college. After majoring in Culinary Arts, Lafferty plans on becoming a chef at a gourmet restaurant until he is able to start a business of his own. Lafferty hopes to one day own his own gourmet restaurant in either Charlotte or Boston. “I’ve always wanted to be a chef”, Lafferty says, “I’ve never wanted to be anything else”.

 By: Becca Poole


Winter Jennings (11)

              Winter Jennings-Montgomery is a junior here at Waynesboro High school. Winter  plans to become an actress or author upon graduating high school, and has even toyed with the idea of becoming a crime scene investigator. Winter is very involved with the creative writing club and creative writing class taught at WHS by Mr.Mcnett.  Outside of school, Winter enjoys delving into the study of languages. She has most recently studied the Japanese language on her own time. She also enjoys writing and drawing in her free time.  When asked why she chose to take journalism she replied that a play inspired her to become an investigative journalist and that taking journalism class would put her one step closer to making that happen.

By: Emily Perry

Honoka Ando

Honoka Ando (12)

              Honoka is a senior here at Waynesboro High school. She recently moved here from Japan as a foreign exchange student with hopes to better her understanding of English and American education. In the next five to ten years, Honoka would like to attend a university or continue her education in some way. Honoka speaks primarily Japanese, but upon coming to American she is speaking more and more English. When asked what she’s most proud of she said her mother. She says her mother has had a huge impact on her and her decision to come to America. Back at home Honoka lives in a big city where she said there was little to no nature and occupied a very hot climate. She said she loves how Waynesboro is full of greenery and especially enjoys watching lightning bugs at dusk.

By: Emily Perry 

Emily Perry (12)

Emily Perry (12)

            Emily Perry is a Journalism II student with high hopes of going to college and becoming a physical therapist. In her free time she is an avid reader and loves listening to music and attending concerts. She is a hard worker because she is not only employed outside of school, but also, quite studious here at WHS.  Perry enjoys being involved in Pep Club, Photography Club, and volunteer work. She spends hours at both at Augusta Health and the local SPCA. She is most looking forward to working with the new journalism staff, and expanding her knowledge of photojournalism.

By: Lucy Paiste

Avery Paiste (9)

Avery Paiste (9)

           Meet Avery Paiste, a freshman at WHS who says, “Hard work and dedication are what pay off in the end.” He is a Journalism I student who is involved in Pep Club, Athletic Training, and Latin Club. Once he graduates, he aspires to go to University of North Carolina and major in Journalism. He takes pride in his ability to manage his time wisely and his strong work ethic. Outside of school, Paiste loves to golf and spend time with his family. His favorite golfer is Jason Day and one day Paiste wants to play golf at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. Paiste is looking forward to a fun-filled year as part of GiantWord staff.

By: Lucy Paiste


              Kelley Conley, a Senior at Waynesboro High School is a member of Passport Club, Pep Club, and Beta Club. In the past four years at WHS, Conley has traveled with the Passport club to China, Italy and are currently planning a trip in the spring, to Ecuador. Conley plans to go to University of Georgia after high school and study Sports Management. She also dreams of studying abroad in China. She has worked consistently all through-out high school. Her first job being at the local Newspaper writing articles for high school sports, to managing the local Fishburne Post-Grad Basketball team. She formerly worked at a coffee shop downtown Sweet Bean. Conley’s grandparents bought the same building months later and now Kelley works under their management in their new BBQ restaurant. Conley moved to Waynesboro from Allentown, PA. and loves being a student at WHS, her favorite subject is history because she feels that learning about past events and how they effect today is very interesting. Kelley also says if there were any place she could visit at this moment it would be Thailand.

By: Lauren Peyton