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In The Life Of Maddie Frimmer

 By: Hannah Lam 

Maddie Frimmer is a freshman at Waynesboro High School with a passion for baking and cooking. She bakes to relax, work hard, and to see a result in the end.  If Maddie could go anywhere in the world based on the food they have in that place, she’d go to Italy. She is Italian on her dads side but wants to try the real authentic pasta and garlic bread they have to offer. Maddie isn’t that close with her family but has a special connection with someone she sees as her family.  Maddie aspires to be like her close friend Victoria , “ she’s like the older sister I don’t have, she’s always there for me when I need her she’s my rock and I tell her everything,” said Maddie. Maddie’s day is made better by the smallest of things like someone saying hello to her in the hallway or being asked to hang out during the weekend. During the weekend Maddie also plays soccer. She has been playing soccer for 11 years and loves it. She started playing because she wanted to find a sport to be interested in and she found that with soccer.  Maddie isn’t sure what she wants to do when she’s older yet, but she’s thought about being a professional soccer player, a baker, or a labor and delivery nurse. She wants to go to college out of state, she says she’d like to go to North Carolina because she’s always liked it there. Maddie is a talkative person with an addiction to Riverdale and a “indescribable” family making her way through her freshman year.

Maddie's Bio


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Staff Bio about Shauna Wilson

Shauna has a crazy hilarious sense of humor and personality. Photo by: Chiara Thacker

Shauna has a crazy hilarious sense of humor and personality.
Photo by: Chiara Thacker

By: Chiara Thacker

Shauna Ann Wilson is a Journalism 2 sophomore at WHS. Her birthday is on February 14th, 2003, her favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. She has one sibling that is a freshman this year. Her favorite subject is history, because she likes learning about all the different beliefs. Shauna’s greatest achievement is getting into the concert choir because she really enjoys singing. Her favorite season is Fall, because it is football season. Ten years from now Shauna sees herself as an elementary school teacher, with two kids, a dog, and a funny, sweet husband. Like everyone Shauna has one special friend shes known her whole life, who has been there every step of the way through all of her ups and downs, her best friend Sophie. She has helped Shauna with every complicated decision in her life, and every guy problem. We all have someone that we look up to and inspire to be, and Shauna’s idol is Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber who makes her laugh uncontrollably. Now you know everything you need to know about Shauna and her crazy, but unique personality.

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Hannah’s Highlights

By: Maddie Frimmer

Hannah Lam is a junior at Waynesboro High School. Hannah has always had a special connection with her mother. Ever since Hannah’s father passed away, her mother has always stayed strong for Hannah and her family. After Hannah lost her father, she always felt like her “Safe Place” was school.  Hannah enjoys all subjects but most of all she loves to write.“I love to write about things that will offer new perspectives and be persuasive to others,” Hannah expressed. She has always been inspired by different writers and journalists such as, Sara Shepard and Langston Hughes. When she was younger, Hannah wanted to pursue a job in the medical field, but after she took her first journalism class Hannah decided that she wanted to become a journalist.  Hannah’s first years of high school did not go as smoothly as she would’ve hoped. Hannah said, “ It was not at all what I thought it was going to be, it’s a lot harder to stay focused and on task.” Hannah decided starting her junior year that her goal for the rest of high school was to get as many class credits as she could in order to graduate with an advanced diploma. Beginning high school was especially hard for Hannah because one of her closest friends named, Jacky, moved back to her home in Germany and her other friend named, Amber, moved too. “I was scared about this year because I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find friends like them again but I am excited to meet new people,” she explained. Through all of these tough times, Hannah’s older sister has been the one that has stood by her and been there to listen to her when nobody else could.  The sisterly bond that Hannah and her sister have is unbreakable because they’ve gone through the same situations together as a family and have grown to be so close in friendship and sisterhood.                     

Hannah's Bio 

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Meet Cheyenna Pirkey

By Peyton McNorton

Cheyenna poses with her camera for her staff bio

Cheyenna poses with her camera for her staff bio.

Cheyenna Pirkey is a junior at Waynesboro High School and this is her first year taking journalism. She also plans on taking journalism II and III. She enjoys working with animals, watching Netflix (Hart of Dixie is one of her favorites!), and also loves to argue. Cheyenna has her own business called Pirkey’s Pixels. “Pirkey’s Pixels is a business where I take portraits, anywhere from family, to wedding, to senior portraits. What I’m hoping for is to get more customers and clients, and maybe take more senior portraits. My purpose is to provide service to people that can’t afford a professional photographer,” said Cheyenna. You can find her business page on Facebook. She also participates in Waynesboro High School FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Students have a light snack, meet every Thursday morning at 7:30, lead a devotional, and participate in team building activities such as the human knot. Students are able to reach out to the community. She is pleased to take journalism this year! 

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Freshman Reporter Peyton McNorton

By: Cheyenna Pirkey

Peyton McNorton poses for a silly staff bio picture.

Peyton McNorton poses for a silly staff bio picture.

Peyton McNorton is a freshman reporter for WHS journalism. In her free time, she enjoys writing fan fiction while listening to the newest pop and hip hop beats. At the same time, she is excited to be on the WHS varsity swim team! Overall, she has been involved in swimming competitions for seven years and has won 25 ribbons. Her future plans include going to college to become a veterinarian, taking trips to European countries, and tying the knot through marriage. “I want to travel to get to see what type of cultures, lifestyles, and foods other countries have,” said Peyton. She is also considering attending Blue Ridge for two years and transferring to a university. She is excited to be a part of WHS journalism this semester!


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The Real Vic Sansing Staff Bio

By, Malaysia Woodson
Victor Staff Bio 3

Photo by: Shauna Wilson

Vic displaying his funny and charismatic side

     “Charismatic, funny, and sufficient,” are three words that 10th grader, Vic Sansing, uses to sum himself up. He said he loves to make everyone laugh, and while not always academically, he has plenty of common sense. Something that is very important to Vic is fairness. He believes everyone should be treated equally.  In his eyes, he is a mostly privileged person and is thankful for this. Vic thinks one of his purposes in this life is to make people happy and comfortable. “Togetherness, getting along, and helping each other is important,” he said. Vic made it clear he can be misunderstood at times and wants people to know he may come off as standoffish, but everything is not what it seems. He says he likes most people and is always willing to talk. He  holds his family and friends close to him. Especially his best friend Rock. Vic describes Rock as a free spirit, whose adventurous nature inspires him. Their friendship has been strong since 7th grade. Vic is also driven by the death of his grandfather in 2014. Even through the pain, Vic says he continues to push on and be strong for him. A favorite activity of Vic’s is hiking because he feels more peaceful and in tune with the natural world around him. After high school he plans to go to an in-state school, like UVA, to become a cardiovascular surgeon. He works hard to achieve his goals and is currently taking AP classes. One thing Victor is very proud of is getting to participate in the MozFest Youth Zone. He will go on a trip to London soon to be further involved.

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Meet Lily Madeline Ockerman

By June Johnson

Lily Madeline Ockerman is a new journalism student who is in ninth grade. After moving from Michigan to North Carolina at age four, she came to Kate Collins Middle School in eighth grade, at age thirteen. “Moving is easier when you’re younger because you haven’t made many close friends,” she explained. Lily is taking journalism because she believes it will improve her writing skills. She is also interested in the photography and graphic design aspects of the class. Lily also takes honors classes, such as geometry. She thinks they’re  beneficial for students because they’re more involved. Lily likes to read and draw, and take pictures.

Photo by June Johnson Lily demonstrates one of her hobbies- photography. She’s been interested in the activity since she was young, and got her first camera of her own on her fourteenth birthday. Although she didn't make it into photography class, she enjoys it on her own time and is considering entering competitions.

Photo by June Johnson
Lily demonstrates one of her hobbies- photography. She’s been interested in the activity since she was young, and got her first camera of her own on her fourteenth birthday. Although she didn’t make it into photography class, she enjoys it on her own time and is considering entering competitions.

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Getting to know June

By Lily Ockerman

Elliott June Johnson is a 9th grader at Waynesboro High School. June enjoys eating sushi, playing the drums, and listening to “Out loud” by Gabbie Hanna. June describes herself as quiet, short, and hardworking. What June looks forward to the most at WHS is “marching band, because you can meet people with the same interests.” June is a percussionist in the band, and she can also play guitar, piano, and mandolin. Along with marching band, June loves skiing and frequently skis with her father. When June was 9, she fell off a ski lift because she was too short for the lift chair. June also loves coffee, so you can see her drinking Starbucks on a daily basis. June enjoys her classes, and is looking forward to a great year.

Photo by Lily Ockerman June enjoys photography. “Thats one reason I like photography,” she said. “I don't usually have to be in the pictures.”

Photo by Lily Ockerman
June enjoys photography. “Thats one reason I like photography,” she said. “I don’t usually have to be in the pictures.”

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Chiara Thacker Staff Bio

By: Shauna Wilson

Chiara Thacker is a freshman taking Journalism 1. She enjoys taking, and when she’s done, she likes to go home to sleep in her bed. It doesn’t matter what time of day, Chiara loves to sleep. Sleeping is her favorite activity, as well as laying down and enjoying the comfort of her bed. She likes to sleep during the summer time too. What better place to have a good time than having a good dream. When she’s not sleeping, Chiara loves eating strawberries and watching Netflix. Her favorite shows include “One Day At A Time,” “Shameless” and “Stranger Things.” Her favorite food is the fries from Applebee’s with ketchup on the side. When Chiara is not sleeping she likes to play with her dog Maggie. She also enjoys long walks on the beach with a cold Diet Pepsi in her hand.

Chiara Thacker snoozing on her pillow because she loves to sleep. Photo by: Shauna Wilson

Chiara Thacker snoozing on her pillow because she loves to sleep. Photo by: Shauna Wilson

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Malaysia “Mayo” Woodson Staff Bio

By: Victor Sansing

Malaysia Woodson poses with a rubber chicken for her staff bio.

Malaysia Woodson, a WHS sophomore, showing her goofy character for her staff bio photo.

Malaysia “Mayo” Woodson is a sophomore here at Waynesboro High School. Mayo likes to live life as positively as possible. “Life is beautiful. The connections we make and the togetherness we feel with others are everything,” Malaysia says. She has big plans for later in her life. Mayo aspires to go to college after she graduates from WHS. Though she definitely wants to get higher schooling, she is split between two very different career paths. On one hand, Mayo would like to attend the University of Virginia’s medical program to eventually become a physical therapist. On the other, Malaysia would like to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to become a professional video producer/editor. Mayo has already started to dabble in video edits and collages online. Malaysia’s other main hobby is playing instruments. She’s well versed with guitars and she’s learning to play the piano. Malaysia passionate about many things in today’s political climate. She especially cares about intersectional feminism. She feels that, “if someone’s feminism isn’t intersectional, then why should they be a feminist at all?” Malaysia believes that all people should be kind. However, she hates lying and deception. Morals are very important to Mayo. She draws inspiration from many people. She’s inspired by her mom, her siblings, her friend Kadesha, and Frank Ocean, a musician. Kadesha, who especially inspires Malaysia, has gone through a lot in her life. Kadesha struggles with heart conditions, but she still always seems to have a smile on her face. Malaysia always seems to have a happy outlook on life.

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