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A Fiesta with Ms. Garcia

By Alyssa Kerrigan

Ms. Garcia is a Spanish teacher at Waynesboro High School. People know her to be kind, laid back, and willing to help with anything. “She’s got a caring personality,” said Mrs. Gilbert, a co-worker of Garcia, “and she’s got a happy attitude.” Gilbert has known Garcia for about ten years and considers her to be a good friend.

Garcia is originally from Waynesboro, VA and graduated from Waynesboro High School. She taught for thirteen years in Spain, two or three years in public school, and this will be her thirteenth year at WHS. Aside from teaching English in Spain, Garcia did some work in the United States as well. She was an English as a Second Language tutor, and she worked at a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents in Staunton. “I think one of the reasons [I chose to teach Spanish] is because I enjoyed it when I was in high school and college, and also having the experience of teaching in Spain,” Garcia said.

As a teacher, Garcia’s goal is to interact with and teach her students, though she faces some difficulties as well. “I think my main challenge is getting students involved in doing their work. I find a lot of students don’t seem to care.” Despite the few obstacles that come along with teaching, Garcia enjoys what she does. She is passionate about her job and takes pride in her duties as a Spanish teacher.

Outside of school, Garcia’s interests include travelling to New York City to see broadway shows, going to concerts, and reading. According to Mrs. Gilbert, Garcia’s passion for Broadway makes her different from other teachers. “Her love of Broadway. Had to get that in there,” said Gilbert as she described Garcia’s love for the shows. Another thing that makes her different is “her reaching out to graduates, keeping in touch with graduates on the Broadway scene. And on their education side, she keeps up with their education,” Gilbert said.

Garcia has also influenced students with her work as a teacher. Brooklyn Sims, a junior at WHS, has had Garcia as a teacher in the past for Spanish I and II. She described Garcia as “laid back and quiet, but fun.” Sims learned from Garcia that it really helps to study, and that studying is not always boring; students in the class were allowed to review Spanish vocabulary with each other, which helped Sims. Sims added, after claiming Garcia as her favorite teacher, “She even had Snapchat so I could ask her if I needed help.”

Garcia’s career as a teacher has influenced not only her students at Waynesboro High School, but also her co-workers here, and the students she taught in Spain. She hopes to continue to positively affect the lives of teenagers and express her love of the Spanish language.

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Meet Mrs.Truslow

By Destiny Lam

Mrs. Truslow is the current drama teacher here at WHS. She is known for her outgoing and compassionate nature and her ability to lead and encourage teamwork. Truslow herself agrees that she is, in fact,a team player, “I think that comes from my theatrical background,” said Truslow, “When you do theater, you’re always working as a group.” However, she wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as a leader. Truslow asserted that she is reluctant to be a leader as she would rather follow someone else. Nevertheless, when put in situations when leadership is needed, Truslow is definitely well suited for the job.

With the responsibility of being a leader in mind, there are bound to be challenges to overcome. Truslow’s biggest challenge was balancing her home and work lives. “Finding that balance was sometimes very difficult,” said Truslow. Despite any challenges that Truslow may have faced in her last 29 years of teaching, she assures that her job has rewarded her. Truslow said,”Every success I see through my students is my own success.”

Growing up, Truslow was interested in the arts and many clubs such as the drama department, choir, and forensics. She was good at being a team player and doing her best in school. Teaching theater was a good fit for her because she had originally wanted to pursue a career in acting, and she has had an interest in teaching since she was a little girl. “I realized I could do both. I could be an actress and a teacher,” said Truslow. Of course, Truslow wasn’t born ready to teach. She had a journey just like anyone else would to get to where she is today. “I’ve had all sorts of crazy jobs,” said Truslow. Truslow has had experience selling cars and working in retail. She was even an on-air personality as well as an assistant to a private investigator.

It’s safe to say that Truslow is a people person. She’s still very close to her family and a chunk of her students still keep in touch after graduating. “A lot of them end up being my friends,” said Truslow referring to her students. One of Truslow’s theater students, Alissa Freemantle, feels like Truslow has affected her positively. “Her name’s Mama T for a reason,” said Freemantle, “She’s warm and fuzzy like a big mama bear.” Freemantle feels that Truslow has helped her regain her passion for theater and has made a positive impact on her life. Sapp also agrees that Truslow has affected her positively. Truslow has been supportive of Sapp’s desire to perform even as a co-worker. “She really is a wonderful woman,” said Sapp “She would go out of her way for anybody.”


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All About Mrs Combs

by Eileen Ortiz      

       Mrs. Combs is a new 9th grade math teacher in WHS. Combs was a student at  Hornet Wilson Memorial High school. When she used to lived in Augusta County, not in Waynesboro. Combs had a normal high school experience, she was average high school person.  In fact one of Combs best subject was math, one of her least and that Combs most  struggle with was English. English wasn’t her subject mainly because she didn’t get grammar  part and it was difficult for her to understand.                                                  

        Many people might not know where was she before she started teaching,or where Combs went to college. It all started when Combs was in high school. There was a math teacher who inspire combs to become a math teacher. Combs wanted to teach  kids like her ,math teacher taught her  when she was in High school. But after Combs was done with high school she didn’t got straight into college. Combs went to the navy, why  the navy? why not go straight to teaching? Many of you are probably thinking that to.

          Well one of the reasons Combs went into the navy is , because she wanted to get far away from,Augusta County. Her job at the navy was being a instructor in electronics. Combs was pretty good at working in electronics, Combs love her job at the navy. Combs was a really lucky person because she went to every college, the reason why she was so lucky, is because she was in the navy. That why she went to so many.“ I can’t remember all their name because I went to a lot of them,” said Combs.

     Although you  can retire at the age of 30, Combs decided to retire the navy after 24 years of being in the navy. Combs decided to make a family and that was she left the navy,. After Combs left the navy she was ready to start teaching, and her family supported her decision of start teaching. her dad said once to her, “I know you’ll come back back to Augusta County because that’s where you grew up.”

Combs wasn’t nervous about teaching here at the high school at all. In fact teachers helped her out. Combs asked Dr Barker for some advice but mostly for procedure, since she had already had experience when she  taught  in the navy.  Dr Barker said “Crazy enough to be here” when he first saw Combs. Dr Barker doesn’t consider Combs a really close friend, but said that he will love to get to know  her more. Esperanza Vera one of Combs current students said “she will impact of the way she taught me” because she will remember they way Combs taught Vera . Vera understands the way Combs teaches because if she doesn’t get it Combs will help you out by teaching you step by step.

Finally some people might ask why does Combs  have purple highlights in her hair. Well Combs got inspire by an English teacher, the teacher  had his hair all rainbow color. Combs said she wanted her hair like that and he said “you are 50 years old you can do want you want”! So now combs has highlights in her hair. hobbies outside of school, she reads and gardens. Combs takes care of her 10 year old daughter. Combs plans to retire to plan in 4-9 years, but for now she will do what she loves to do the most, and that is to teach math to kids.

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Sweet Day Cafe

Photos by Jisell Lopez and Millineum White

By Jisell Lopez

Today Fri, Sept 23 the Sweet Day Cafe opened its doors for all. Everyone is welcome to come in and grab a cup of coffee or dessert item. The Cafe will be open from 9:00 to 11:00 on Mondays and Fridays of this month in room 123.

img_9623img_9635img_9622    img_9625 img_9630


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All About Mrs. Sapp

By Jisell Lopez

                     Mrs. Sapp is always checking up on her previous student, and asking questions on how she can help them out with anything English related. Tyler Weaver a senior at WHS said, “I had her for 9th and 10th grade and she encouraged me to still try my hardest through 11th and 12th grade.”  Mrs. Sapp is currently an English teacher at Waynesboro High School. She has been teaching at WHS for 12 years now. Before becoming an English teacher Sapp was a daycare teacher for 5 years. She attended college at Mary Baldwin College  in Stanton Virginia. “I had fantastic English teachers in middle and high school, and they had such a passion that I was determined to do the same thing,” Sapp said.  She thinks that this is what made her decided to be an English teacher. She was also inspired by her tenth grade honors English teacher, Mrs. Graber. That was the only English class that Mrs.Sapp has ever gotten an F in not on the whole class but on a report card here and there. Mrs. Graber just told her “You can do this You can do this,” unfortunately Graber moved Sapps senior year. Sapp was heartbroken.


“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” said Sapp.” “I did not always intend to teach high school English My original plan was to teach kindergarten and that’s because in the 4th grade we did a career day and I was able to work with my kindergarten teacher and throughout the rest of the year I was just in her classroom as a volunteer and I was like I could totally be an English teacher and then I realized that I can’t teach math and I can’t teach English so I couldn’t work at an elementary school.” said Sapp about how she always wanted to teach English. Sapp’s teaching philosophy is that “no child should be left behind and not just don’t leave them behind in a grade but every student and every child should have an opportunity to learn to the best of his or her ability,”said Sapp.

                If Sapp were to have a different job she would be a Therapist and the reason for that is so that she can reach a larger population and help those kids that have problems that can’t be solved by going to school. Sapp was a quiet student who just sat in the back and did the best that she could she wasn’t very sociable she wasn’t the kind of person to go out and make a fool of themselves. Sapp was there for an education and not for friends.

               Mrs. Galenis the librarian at WHS said “ Sapp knows her content, loves her content, but most importantly she connects with her students,” Sapp feels stress, sometimes like a failure, And sometimes exited when working with students.  ” With some of my students there’s almost a familial relationship when they look at me as a sister, an older sister, or as a mom even. So they’re very comfortable coming to me with issues,or concern,or relationship questions and sometimes that’s easier for me to handle because it’s like hey these kids like me and yet sometimes it so hard because we try to keep our personal lives away so that we can be just maintain student teacher.

            Hannah lamb a current 9th grade English student said “She is a good teacher because most teachers if they had a class like this we would all be in the office right now. She tries to make sure you understand something before she moves on to a different lesson.” Lamb also said “ She is full of ideas and she could help me because she can like stay after and like make sure you don’t leave her class confused.”  Lamb added that Sapp was “Lovely, understanding, smart obviously, tolerant, kind hearted, and fashionable. Sapps class is the best part of lambs day because “she believes in everyone and it isn’t boring at all.”  

         Sapp Also helped Rebeca Pereles realize she  could be friends with different type of people and become a better person. “I was scared of her. She looked intimidating,” said Pereles about first meeting Sapp.“She has already impacted my life,” says lamb “She sent a nice, understanding email to me and my mother and I.” She’s always very influential with her students and she’s always willing to work with them as much as she can” said Weaver

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Rudolph Knows History


Teacher Feature: Mrs. Jennifer Rudolph

By: Sarrah Cochran

Did you know Mrs. Rudolph grew up in Waynesboro before she moved to Richmond to finish high school? She attended Berkeley Glenn Elementary School and Kate Collins Middle School before moving to Richmond to complete high school at Midlothian High School. In high school, Rudolph was involved in many clubs including Drama club, Spanish club, French club, and History club, and she even participated in the Cross Country Team.

Rudolph has dealt with many different types of students, “I was an average student, kept up with my grades. I couldn’t get away with much because my father was a teacher at the school and all the teachers knew him,” she claims. Rudolph realized she was going to follow in the footsteps of her mother and father while attending Mary Baldwin College.

Her favorite thing about teaching is the students. “I love their personalities, and when students that have finished my class come back and see me. I love to hear about their life,” Rudolph said. She helps students who have trouble in her class by encouraging them to stay after for help and she has a website up where she posts all the notes for her class. She also urges the kids to participate in her class so that she can know they are paying attention and grasping the lessons. Her cellphone policy is fairly new because she felt that students were more invested in what was happening outside of her class and less in the lessons she was teaching them. Students are required to place their phones in pockets on a closet door or cut them off and place them in their book bags. To Rudolph, students today take so many educational tools for granted. “Projectors, phones, and especially computers. When I was in high school, you either had to find a typewriter or you had to pay someone to type your essay for you.”

A couple of Rudolph’s students have only nice things to say about her. “I could just tell that she was a sweet person and that she would become one of my favorite teachers, although I disliked how cold it got in her classroom,” Rebekah Martin laughed. Martin had Rudolph for World History I in 9th grade and World History II in 10th grade. Despite the temperatures of her classrooms, Martin loved being in Rudolph’s classes. Martin even ate lunch in her classroom last year because it was so much quieter than the lunch room. Julie Wheeler had Rudolph once in 9th grade for World History I but continued to visit her throughout 10th grade as she walked some of her friends to class. “I continued to go see her after I finished her class because she was more of a family friend than a teacher to me at that point,” said Wheeler. Both Martin and Wheeler love Mrs. Rudolph as person and a teacher.

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Waynesboro Blown-out by Riverheads


Jullian Gross(42) Blake Awkard (4) JP Vest (31) Jequintus Chambers (12)

By : MIllineum White

The Waynesboro Little Giants heads hanged low on Friday night . The Little Giants played Riverheads , and the team took them by a landslide. “Every 5 minutes Riverheads was scoring ” a devastated crowd member exclaimed .

When you loose , don’t loose the lesson . This should make you want to work harder , said Assistant coach Naiper

Waynesboro lost (7-48) “I think Waynesboro needs to step their game up , tonight should have been a wake up call ” Explained a players parent.


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Harrisonburg Blue Streaks was no match for the Waynesboro Little Giants

Photo by : Millineum White

img_8000 img_8002 img_8003

Maryssa Jones (2) Serving .

Maryssa Jones (2) Serving .

img_8011 img_8014 img_8015 img_8016 img_8017 img_8021 img_8022

Lauren Kelso (13) with a serve

Lauren Kelso (13) with a serve


Jada Keene (5) Spiking it down .

Jada Keene (5) Spiking it down .


Heather Scheeren (11) with the spike.

Heather Scheeren (11) with the spike.

img_8051 img_8053

Tamarah jackson (1) Finishing the set.

Tamarah jackson (1) Finishing the set.


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Blue Streaks didnt put mark on the Waynesboro Little Giants

Photos by: Milineum White

Volleyball girls excited about first win

Volleyball girls excited about first win

img_7759 img_7765  img_7768 img_7769 img_7773 img_7776 img_7777 img_7783 img_7787 img_7792 img_7796 img_7798 img_7801 img_7804 img_7809 img_7810  img_7813 img_7820 img_7822 img_7823 img_7825 img_7829 img_7832 img_7835 img_7836 img_7839 img_7842 img_7844 img_7850 img_7859 img_7865 img_7872 img_7879 img_7888 img_7895 img_7896 img_7899 img_7900 img_7904 img_7908 img_7909 img_7913 img_7917 img_7919 img_7926 img_7932 img_7936 img_7939 img_7950 img_7957

Cierra Bruce (3) with an overhand serve

Cierra Bruce (3) with an overhand serve


Logan O’Neill (7) serving

img_7966 img_7975

Volleyball girls excited about first win

Volleyball girls excited about first win




Lauren Porter (8) with an spike.


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Phases changes


We had a great night at the LGO  last night.  We got to see several binary stars last night. Also Mars, Saturn, M13 the globular cluster in Hercules and this great view of the moon while it is in waxing gibbous phase.


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