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Varsity football versus Wilson 21-12


Photos By : MIllineum White

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JV Football positive attitudes dispite scrimmage loss to Fluvanna

By : Millineum White


Interception made by Dayvon Young  Photo by Millineum White


JV football has added numerous new players to the team. Friday, August 19th was the first time the team played Fluvanna this season in a scrimmage. There were many interceptions and smackdown tackles.

“I could have hustled more,” said Lance Cooper, a 9th grader playing WR/DB (wide receiver/defensive backon the WHS JV team.  “The team worked as individuals, mostly the cornerbacks wasn’t talking and we didn’t seal out gaps.”

Coach Naiper explained , Win or lose the team is always going to be a team. They have to work together in order for it to work. The guys did an outstanding job and a(n) lose dosn’t determine the whole season 

”They was a little big bigger than us. But what I need to do is stop dancing and working a little bit harder. But the team, they was getting blown back on offence,” said Dayvon Young, a 9th grader playing QB/DB (Quarterback/defensive back) on the WHS JV football team.
Waynesboro Little Giants lost the scrimmage (28-14) 

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Meet Destiny Lam

Destiny Lam is a  sophomore at Waynesboro High School (WHS).  Lam has 2 sisters Mercedes(13) and Clarisa (9).. On to her school life she loves writing and is very proud of her own, she also writes poems. Her favorite part of being in school is seeing her friends. .Lam enjoys being on stage. To follow Her passion for acting, Lam’s favorite class is Theater and she enjoys participating in WHS forensics because of the public speaking opportunities. Lam loves to write , she took the series of creative writing class and wanted to continue with something in the Picture 003same category.

Destiny’s’ goals for after high school, she would like to go to UVA for her 4 years of education to become an English major. Destiny loves being challenged , when she gets to choose her choice is the hardest option, but she also cracks under pressure . If she could travel anywhere in the world, Lam would love to go to Paris because of Picasso’s paintings.

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Meet Millineum White

By Jisell Lopez

Millineum White is a freshman at WHS. White is very active in all aspects of student life including the FCCLA and pep, playing for our JV basketball, softball, and cheer. White has 4 sisters and 2 brothers Dayshawnna, Dasia, Jaylen, Allayha, Chris, and Ziree. She likes to play basketball during her free time. White is most proud of her FCCLA position because she has been vice president, president, and sergeant.

This is also her last year as sergeant for the club.Picture 007UVA and Duke are the two colleges that White would like to attend after high school. She would like to study radiology because they make a lot of money. Her plans are to finish high school and then wait a year to attend college because she wants to give her brain a little break before starting her 8 years of college. Then White plans to attend UVA for 4 years and then go to Duke for another 4 years because “ I want to play basketball for UVA and Duke’s education is better than UVA’s,” White said. If White could go anywhere she would go to Cuba because “they have good food and she loves the culture,” she said

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Meet Alyssa Kerrigan

Alyssa Kerrigan is in the 11th grade at WHS. She has a younger brother named Jaden. She is planning to go to college for 2 years. Kerrigan is not sure what career she wants yet. Kerrigan is taking some high school courses to find what career she wants to explore. She plays the piano and is really proud how far she has gone.Picture 015 

Kerrigan likes to read, write and take photographs in school, but she really loves art the most because she enjoys painting. Kerrigan really doesn’t like when her classmates starts judging other classmates. She studies a lot about reading and writing. Kerrigan listens to music during her free time. She is not sure what college to go yet.

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Meet Jisell Lopez


Jisell Lopez

By:Destiny Lam

This is Jisell Lopez’s first year at WHS as she is in 9th grade. Lopez likes writing and photography which is why she decided to enroll in Journalism. She likes and dislikes certain aspects of school including gym, journalism, and math. While she enjoys journalism and gym, she doesn’t have a particularly good time in her math class . She also likes the colors red and black and her favorite animals are pandas and penguins. As Lopez is a freshman, she hasn’t had the chance to join any clubs yet, however, she plans to later in the year as she isn’t familiar with the options available to her yet.

In her life at home, she has 2 sisters named Jennifer and Carla,1 half-sister, and a brother named David. She doesn’t know her half-sister’s name as she doesn’t know her. In her free time, Lopez likes to play the guitar. She is currently teaching herself because she likes music and wants to learn how to play an instrument. Mexico would be Lopez’s top global destination choice because she has family there.

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Meet Eileen Ortiz


Eileen Ortiz

By Alyssa Kerrigan

Eileen Ortiz is a freshman this year at Waynesboro High School. She joined Journalism because she would like to improve her speaking skills. History is her favorite class in school because she enjoys the subject and is interested in learning about war and presidential history. In the future, Ortiz plans on attending college to become a doctor.

Ortiz has a younger brother named Karol, and at home, her family speaks Spanish. She enjoys being outside and spending time with her family, as well as taking care of her brother. If she had the choice to travel anywhere in the world, Ortiz would go to China because she is interested in the different cultures there.

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Meet Lillian Wilfong

Lillian Wilfong

Lillian Wilfong

By Sarrah Cochran

Lillian Wilfong is a junior at Waynesboro High School. Wilfong’s favorite thing about school is seeing the friends she doesn’t see outside of WHS. Last year, Wilfong’s favorite class was Biology with Ms. Meade because Meade understands the struggles of being a student, like having to manage time between extracurricular activities, family, and school work. Wilfong plays soccer for WHS because she loves how the team becomes a family. Wilfong’s hobbies include watching Supernatural on Netflix and playing video games, although she admits she’s not great at them. In her free time, Wilfong enjoys eating and kicking around a soccer ball.

After graduation, Wilfong plans to attend Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) unless she obtains a full scholarship to Virginia State University (VSU). She wants to stay closer to home to see her family, which includes her younger brother, Nate. At VSU, Wilfong would like to learn how to work with animals, but she isn’t sure what she wants to do as a career quite yet. However, one of her career goals is to save an animal’s life and to make as many animals happy as she can. Wilfong likes driving to and from school. If she could go anywhere in the world, Wilfong would like to go to Rio de Janeiro because of  the colorful culture and how passionate the country is about soccer.

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